JMC Alumni on how to get noticed in the VFX and Design Industries

JMC Alumnus Brett Morris came to JMC Academy last month to talk to students about progression within the VFX and design industries and how to put yourself out there and get noticed.


Having worked on projects with brands such as Foxtel, NBC, Rocket League, Disney, War Dragons, Call of Duty, and YouTube, Brett Morris has a resume that stands out from the crowd. So much so that he is now one of the most sought-after motion graphic artists. 

Brett provided tips and advice to JMC students on how to break into the motion graphics sector, pitching techniques, and why students should stick out their degree in order to have the best possible opportunities post-study.

When asked what advice he could give to up and coming designers in animation and motion graphics, Brett argued that you should, Step outside your mold and do your own thing, you may learn new and different ways you didn't know before that. If there are interests that you have outside your current course of study, then make sure to pay attention to them as you never know where your career will take you.”

Brett could not stress how important every project is to your career and portfolio. Each project I did, it went straight into to my showreel and portfolio as this is what markets you to the industry, your work is what shows others how good you are or what your strengths are. [Your showreel] is your biggest marketing asset.” 

Brett is currently a freelance motion graphics designer, and is based in Los Angeles, US. 

Check out all the incredible projects he has worked on here. 

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