JMC Alumni Glenn works for News 24

We chat to JMC Alumni Glenn Chalk about his time working at News 24 since leaving JMC. glenn-chalk.jpg

Hey Glenn!
Tell us about your time since graduating from JMC Academy?
Since graduating from JMC at the end of 2013, I continued to work at the ABC as a studio assistant, autocue (prompter) operator and runner. I worked for Midday, 7pm News, Lateline, 7:30 and various OB's. I also directed, produced, shot and edited music videos and other small productions. In February of 2015 I applied to join the team of News 24 Directors, went through a rigorous application process and was successful. I began the training program in April 2015.

How did you get this position at News24?

I had worked part time at the ABC while I was studying at JMC and throughout that time I had always communicated to supervisors and managers that I would love to eventually have the chance to train as a DA and eventually a Director. After four years of part time work, a Director position became available in News24. The application process involved submitting a comprehensive application and being interviewed by senior management, supervisors, Executive producers and Union members. I was successful and have been working as a director since April 2015.

What is one of your favourite things about directing at News24?

I love the fast paced environment at News 24, every single day is completely different and requires you to draw on a vast knowledge of our studio software and hardware. It requires a high level of concentration and throws up challenges continually. I love the challenge and when we pull it all together it is very satisfying.

What did you learn that you weren’t aware of before working behind the scenes?

Probably the biggest thing is that there very few studio staff putting News 24 bulletins to air. There are no camera operators (remote controlled robotic cameras only). There is no floor manager and there is no DA. The director is responsible for all of the tasks that used to be performed by those people. There is a high level of automation built into our studio but absolutely everything has to be adjusted and checked in every story within our news bulletin. This is a massive challenge but also can be very fun.

What advice would you give to current students currently studying FTV and wanting to get an opportunity like this?

Work very hard. Working in this industry is an absolute privilege. No one deserves to work in the industry; you must prove it every day by working harder than everyone else, all the time. There are only a small amount of good jobs available in Australia so prove you deserve to be employed by doing your best and working your hardest every day.

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