JMC Academy students on their way to Tinsel Town

Thirty lucky JMC Academy students from the Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne campuses are about to travel to Hollywood to take part in the 2015 International Study Tour at the Los Angeles Film School (LAFS).  

Students will be immersed in a week of intensive learning at the Los Angeles Film School, with a range of topics, skills, and knowledge taught by industry experts and educators, and will also spend one week visitng major film studios as well as other exciting activities.

Students and staff will travel to the Los Angeles Film School from the 23rd of May until the 6th June 2015. Students will be accompanied by JMC Academic Supervisor Kirstin Livie-Primero and Head of Audio Engineering and Sound Production (Sydney) Glenn Ferguson. 

Not only is the International Study Tour highly educational, but students also get to explore the town of Hollywood, entertainment Mecca, during the first week of the trip. Students will get to visit prominent film studios in Los Angeles including Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Studios, Universal Studios, and Disneyland. 

JMC students can choose to study computer animation, game production, recording arts, film, or entertainment business during their second week at the LA Film School. The students will be included completely in the LA Film School classes with LAFS students.

On completion of their trip, JMC students will continue with a 12-week special project where they will base their individual projects on a topic of their own choice, based on their time in Hollywood, that is then developed over the length of their course back in Australia. This will amount to being their final large project for the trimester.


Nestled in the heart of Hollywood, the Los Angeles Film School is located just minutes from the famous studios and production offices that make Los Angeles the entertainment capital of the world. Located on Sunset Boulevard, the LA Film School is a Hollywood landmark in its own right. The building has housed studios for some of Hollywood’s elite, including Elvis Presley and The Rolling Stones, and was once home to RCA Records. 

The Los Angeles Film School offer five Associate of Science Degree programs in Film, Game Production, Computer Animation, Music Production, and Recording Arts and five Bachelor of Science Degree programs in Film Production, Digital Filmmaking, Entertainment Business, Game Production & Design and Animation & VFX.

For more information visit the Los Angeles Film School website.