JMC Academy Platinum Series Performance Nights

Sydney has a new performance night!musiccc.jpg

Introducing the new Platinum Series Performance nights taking place in the Sydney Campus Auditorium. 

‘This is a chance to showcase some of the amazing performers and bands we have at JMC, including some of the incredible JMC lecturers!’ – Kemo (Sydney Head of Department Music & Songwriting)

It is also a great opportunity for the whole campus to socialise, and for JMC departments to work collaboratively on the delivery of the night. 

The first Platinum Series night is on Monday the 9th of November and starts at 5.30pm with nibbles and refreshments. Starting off with a bang, the acts for the first-ever Platinum Series Night will be;

-    JMC Students Mick & Lauren
-    JMC Students Adam & Ashley
-    JMC Tutor band Soul Krush
-    Fusion Fire
Future Platinum series nights will also feature collaborations with existing professional artists, JMC students and Alumni. 

Entry is FREE! So just come along and enjoy the live music! We look forward to seeing you here. 


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