JMC Academy Launches Masters Degree

JMC Academy is proud to announce the launch of the new Master of Creative Industries degree to commence in September 2018.

The course gives participants a chance to bring their creative projects to life whilst earning their master’s degree along the way.



JMC Academy’s Master of Creative Industries will enable the student to build on their creative practice, innovative drive, network and passion for industry to help bring a product or concept to commercial reality. JMC’s MCI is the only Masters of its kind to individually help students realise their career or project outcomes. With specialised innovation labs and hand-picked mentors the goal is to make the students work known in industry.

JMC Academy celebrated the launch with a special event for industry and alumni on Wednesday 4th of July at the Sydney Campus.

The evening officially commenced with live music performed by the JMC Fusion Band and JMC Dream Band and gave the prospective post-graduate participants a chance to network and discuss future plans. Key-note speaker and entertainment industry entrepreneur, Marcus Gillezeau, then spoke on risk, creativity and the importance of showcasing your project across multiple platforms. This talk was followed by JMC Academy's Director of Postgraduate Studies and Research, Dr Philip Hayward, who discussed the JMC point of difference, the creative industry and his excitement for the opportunity being presented. 

"The kind of thing we're hoping to do with the Masters degree is to provide people with strong conceptual abilities, flexabilities and an awareness of multi-platforms." - Philip Hayward

It was a fantastic night which accurately harnessed the excitement around the launch of such an important postgraduate option.

Established in Sydney in 1982, JMC Academy offers higher education Degrees and Diplomas in the Creative Industries to passionate and talented individuals and has seen over 15,000 students graduate from the Academy nationwide. The Academy is extremely proud and excited by the launch of the new Master of Creative Industries and looks forward to increasing the level of study available to all creatives currently in the industry.

Find out more about JMC's Master of Creative Industries course.