Jeremy Stones - Music Coordinator, The Voice

From a science degree to The Voice, graduate Jeremy Stones tells us about life after JMC Academy and his journey to becoming the music co-ordinator on the hit reality talent show.


After embarking on a Science degree straight out of high school, Jeremy graduated with no definite career path in sight. Music was always his passion and at 27, he made the decision that would launch his creative career. Jeremy began studying a Bachelor of Entertainment Business Management at JMC Academy and embarked on a long-term career choice.

Using JMC Academy as a platform to jump headlong into the music industry, Jeremy was able to get his foot in the door and landed the role as Casting Scout on the first series of The Voice. Hard work, dedication and a positive attitude soon lead Jeremy to the role of Music Co-ordinator for the second series. Jeremy describes this role as a remarkable, albeit at times challenging opportunity ...."fitting in with the ever-shifting schedules and last minute decisions that go hand in hand with TV" .

His role included organising all band/artist production requirements, music charts, rehearsal tools/schedules and clearing all songs for use via APRA; skills which Jeremy learnt early on at JMC Academy through the Music Publishing curriculum units. Once in production, Jeremy spent a lot of time in the studio as the support link between the talent, the stage manager, and the audio and lighting crews. 

Prior to working on The Voice, Jeremy worked as the day-to-day manager for Angus and Julia Stone during their Down the Way album cycle. Most recently, Jeremy has started his own Management Agency; A Band of Men, looking after the Delta Riggs, Gold Fields, Bleeding Knees and his latest band Kite Club. Jeremy plans to invest the second half of 2013 launching the Delta Riggs into international markets. 

Jeremy credits JMC Academy for instilling in him the confidence to get his hands dirty and take on a challenge. "I was able to get feedback at JMC Academy from industry professionals before I jumped into the industry, which allowed me operate with a knowledge base and comfort level of someone with experience." When asked what advice he has for other students wanting to work on projects of that magnitude, Jeremy is quick to nominate a strong work ethic, and the willingness to work long hours.

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