Jason Endfield - Untitled Entertainment

JMC Academy graduate Jason Endfield tells how his degree gave him the confidence and the knowledge needed to not only get into the entertainment industry, but to secure work at a company of the calibre of Untitled Entertainment.

What course did you complete at JMC Academy?
Jason-(1).jpegBachelor of Entertainment (Business Management), graduated 2010. 

Where are you currently working?
I am currently working as an assistant to the head of one of the world's top talent management companies - Untitled Entertainment, which represents talent such as Ashton Kutcher, Madonna and Naomi Watts. Working from my office in the heart of Beverly Hills, California, my role is to secure new projects for them and includes reading through mounds of scripts. 

I have also started my own small talent management company here which helps Australian actors, film makers and musicians get set up here in LA and gain representation. http://www.me-mgmt.com/

What made you choose this course? 
When looking around at university options, JMC Academy was very professional and understood my ambitions. I was looking for something quite specific in business to study and JMC Academy was able to cater for this. The fact that JMC Academy is an accredited school and is internationally recognized was a key factor in my decision. This has also proven to be a huge benefit when sourcing work overseas.

What was your favourite aspect to the course? 
My favourite aspect of JMC Academy was the teachers. They had a great amount of industry experience and were very approachable with any issue or concern. I found the teachers want to see you succeed just as much as you do, which helps you to believe in yourself. Even after you graduate, the teachers keep in contact with you to see how you’re going which is great. 

The course was also very specific and the most helpful thing I took away was learning how to put together an international band tour and how to structure and manage a budget. During my degree I also learnt about the many different facets of the entertainment industry that I never knew existed, but which I am now heavily involved with. 

What has been the most valuable lesson you have learnt at JMC Academy? 
JMC Academy gave me the confidence and the knowledge that I needed to not only get into the industry, but to secure work at a company of the calibre of Untitled Entertainment. 

Many students believe that a tertiary qualification in this field is not necessary. What’s your opinion?
Without being trained as a professional talent manager I would not be in my current position today. Through my studies, I have learnt the ins and outs of the music industry and have learnt how to conduct myself in business professionally. This has been paramount to my current role. If you want a successful career in the entertainment industry in Australia or overseas, then you should consider a qualification at JMC Academy.