Jack the Bear - Secrets of Mastering

Calling all Melbourne JMC Students

We are proud to have Jack the Bear (Tony Mantz) from Deluxe Mastering coming to JMC Academy Melbourne JtB_engineer1.jpgCampus to deliver a discussion on the elements of Mastering.

Tony Mantz, the Owner and Founder of Jack the Bear’s Deluxe Mastering, had a stint at recording and mixing, and a concurrent career in radio on Toronto’s CFNY as an announcer, as well as Melbourne’s Triple M, but thankfully found mastering as his calling.

Tony (Jack, to most people) started freelance mastering work in 1990. In 1999 shop was set up at Melbourne’s Sing Sing Studios, and after establishing himself as one of the country’s most sought after engineers, he made the break in early 2006 to build his dream facility. Read more about 
Tony 'Jack the Bear' Mantz in his bio.

This is an art form in itself, so we are extremely privileged to hear it from one of the most popular Mastering engineers in this country. Mastering is about bringing a cohesion and flow to your project via the experience, objectivity and full range, accurate monitoring it deserves at the mastering stage, as well as quality control.

Make sure you are in attendance, as this information is truly priceless, and he will be speaking from a career spanning over 25 years.


Wednesday October 28th


Melbourne Campus Auditorium


5.00pm til 7.30pm

To find out more information about Jack the Bear's Deluxe Mastering check out the website.

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We hope to see you there!