How my internship made me want to pursue a different career.

Entertainment Business Management students Ellie-Anne Bozinekis and Tess Reys recently carried out an internship at Mixdown magazine. Although they both gained great experience, connections and knowledge, it soon became apparent that it wouldn’t be the career for them.  mixdown.jpg

Given the opportunity from JMC head of department Michelle Bauer, Tess and Ellie found themselves writing for the online website, everything from articles based on press releases for new music and tour announcements, to music product articles.

“I've really enjoyed having the chance to put my name in an online capacity as the author on the website. It's fun to see the articles I've written online and should I end up in a job where writing is a necessity, the articles can be easily found online for an employer. Being able to talk about music and writing about music in a work capacity has also been a lot of fun.”- Tess described. 

Ellie agreed, mentioning that “my favourite thing about the internship has been the opportunity to meet and work with people that I probably wouldn't have otherwise, helping me to make industry connections for the future.”

Internships are vital in building experience. However, they are also a great opportunity to discover your strengths, weaknesses and preferences when it comes to a future career path. 

“I’ve always had several career goals, and they have changed throughout my studies, but I believe this internship has made me realise that writing isn’t one of my strongest points. This opportunity is helping me get my head around the way print and online media works in a more practical way that would not be presented in classes.”


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Tess agreed, telling how “Starting this internship I felt like it'd be a job that I might consider in the future, although I'm not too sure now. I think it's been a great opportunity and the connections made is always good for the future, but I would like to head down another path. My current main career focus is tour and event management.”

No matter whether the work you do during your internship is what you want to pursue as a career, everything learnt in that time is valuable. 

Ellie’s advice for current students: “Give any opportunities you’re presented a shot, and don’t be afraid of a little hard work. The worst that could happen is you realise that line of work isn’t your style, although it may help you achieve other goals in the future.” 

Tess’s advice for current students: “I was never fond of my writing prior to this internship but I feel like it's helped me a lot. The first day was tough because I didn't think anything I wrote was good enough to be published online but I persisted and now I don't need help from anyone in the office to make it sound good. I've become more confident in my work from this. Persistence is key.”

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