Interning with youth driven LGBTQI+ events company

Tri 5 Entertainment Business Student, Emma Nahal, is wasting no time is pursuing her dreams. She has already landed an events internship with the youth driven LGBTQI+ organisation, Minus18, and is loving the real life industry experience.

Emma had a chat with us to discuss the ups and downs of her internship and how rewarding it was working for such an important, youth driven organisation.

Tell us a little bit about your internship?

I have been interning with Minus18 since last September! Minus18 is Australia’s leading youth-driven organisation for LGBTQI+ youth. Some of the job roles I do is helping with budgets for dance parties, social days etc., logistics lists, rosters, prizes, and things like that. More recently, I have been working as an artist liaison and stage manager for events. An event that I put on myself was an advanced screening. I emailed Student Edge and ShowFilmFirst to organise a free advance screening that happened in early March for the film ‘Love, Simon’ for LGBTQI+ youth and people at Minus18.

How did you get your internship?

I got my Internship at Minus18 through a Facebook Ad for an Event Assistant opportunity.  I answered some questions and sent my resume to Delsi, the former Events Producer. She then contacted me to arrange an interview! I heard back a few days later saying I got it. I was so excited!

What has your internship taught you about the workplace, and your future career?

Being at Minus has taught me that the workplace isn't as scary as I thought it would be. Everyone is only human and if you don't know how to do something, then just ask! Minus has also taught me that I really want to do something in the events industry.

What have been the best parts and hardest parts of the internship?

The best parts of being at Minus has definitely been seeing all the attendee's having a groovy time at a dance party or social event. Knowing that all the hard work behind the scenes really pays off and makes an impact on someone no matter how small! The hardest part was getting used to people's pronouns (they/them etc.) at the beginning. I only started using these terms about a year and a bit ago, but now it's way more easier as I've gotten used to it!

What was it like working for such an important, youth-driven events company?

Working for Minus18 is really a rewarding experience. It’s shown me how one little event could make such a huge distinctive impact on so many people. To have the option of going to a queer event is amazing and seeing everyone coming together and feeling like they belong is really great!

What made you passionate about your work with Minus18?

Seeing all the attendee’s in a safe space where they could be themselves and have fun. Also just my love for events in general!

How has JMC helped you?

JMC has helped me become more confident and has taught me skills and knowledge for all things entertainment and business. JMC has also taught me that I want a career in the entertainment industry!
(Accounting is definitely not for me!)

What advice would you give to other students?

Experience, experience, experience! The more you volunteer at events, the better you'll get an understanding of what you might want to do as a career and you might make some connections!
"As a creative your ideas are your strongest form of currency" - Kanye West 2018

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