Interning for Sound Campaign at Good Life Festival

We catch up with JMC Academy Entertainment Business Management student Cass who interned at Sound Campaign working on Under 18s Good Life Festival as organised by JMC Academy staff. 


 Cass worked on the national large-scale event in a two week internship, of which her manager after praised her as a 'motivated and responsible young woman with a high degree of intelligence' taking 'great initiative with every task assigned to her and in doing so displayed strong communication skills, excellent time management and her ability to work autonomously and also as part of a team in a very fast paced and dynamic environment.' Well done Cass!

Hey Cass! What were your roles during your internship at Good Life?

My internship for Good Life was through a company called The Sound Campaign, where I was able to assist with some of the Sponsors of the Festival. Because of this, some of my roles included checking sponsorship contracts to ensure that all requests were met, chasing social media content and images from sponsors, and liaise with Festival staff for tickets and staff accreditation to all event days, just to name a few. Due to the nature of the role, each day saw something a little new or different, and because I was working with an external company I would occasionally work on other events as well.

How did you find the experience?

The experience was great! Everyone I worked with and talked to were extremely kind and helpful. 

What were the most important things you have learnt from it?

I learnt a lot on the job in regards to sponsorship and how to keep everyone happy by “playing the politician”. While you need to say “yes” a lot, it is okay to also say “no” when the time calls for it. 

How do you think this will help you in your future career goals?

It’s been a great chance to see what goes into funding an event as large as Good Life Festival. I feel that it is always good to see how all the smaller elements can come together to make something bigger happen.

What advice would you give to other students?

Don’t wait for opportunity to knock on your door. Seek out contacts in the industry and use those contacts to get your foot in the door! Even if you are set on working in a specific area of Entertainment, or your chosen field, don’t be afraid to do some work in another area. And when you get there – don’t hold your personality back! While they look for you to do your job, and do it well, they are also looking to see how you work and what you’re like.

Where do you see yourself or hope to be in 5 years time?

I know that I want to end up in tour or festival event management, however that may change. As I complete a variety of internships, I’m narrowing down exactly what I want to do. Hopefully in 5 years, I’ll at least be an event assistant, starting to make a name for myself, and showing Australia, and maybe the world, what I’m capable of!

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