Integration at JMC Academy

Our unique integration program enables students from all departments to work together on collaborative projects, providing them with a diverse opportunity in which to apply their skills.

This also provides students with the opportunity to grow their creative network while they study; a unique advantage of studying at JMC Academy.

The integration projects encourage JMC Academy students to understand the workings and importance of an integrated network of promoters, distributors, producers and buyers, and the impact they have on their own financial success.

Through these integrated projects students are able to gain hands-on experience in how the real industry operates, invaluable when beginning a professional career in their chosen field. Integration between the courses is best exemplified by the student music video clip and television commercial projects, and by preparation and participation in the student showcase nights.

The most common integration project students often create is a Music Video.  This can involve integration from our song writing course, Contemporary Music Performance, Audio Engineering, Film & TV Production and Entertainment Business Management students. 

Check out a few; 

Marlo - Never stop this

A John Hughes Tribute

Written, Directed & Edited by: Emily Brien
Cinematography by: Rebecca Duggan 
Continuity & Production Design: Sarah Brown
Assistant Grip: Erin Cox
Executive Producers: Sara Lopez & Stephanie Mherekumombe 
Associate Producer: Emily Brien 

Song written & recorded by: Grace & Flo 
Song performed in video by: Grace Fuller and Andrew Charalambous. 

Watch the original here...

Northern Lights - Girls & Glory

Video: Girls and Glory
Band: Northern Lights
EBM Team: Danielle Johnston, Duncan Steward, Olivia Brooke
Producer: Stephanie Watts
Director: Josh Firth
Editor: Aidan Meredith
Production Designer: Sara Jay

King Mistra - THXU


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