How to turn your internship into a job

JMC Academy's internship program gives students hands-on experience working at real companies, making real connections. 

internship-tie.jpgEach course provides students with the opportunity to carry out a professional internship to be undertaken as a credited course unit.

Internships are the perfect opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience, learning how the real industry operates. Some courses have already started this roll out, with students going to work for companies such as Pozible, Mixdown Magazine, Vevo, Austero, Kiss FM and Hidden Sydney. 

Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities at JMC to pick up a top quality internship. However, how do you secure a job from the internship? We give you our top tips to get you working in the industry…  

Be proactive

Arrive early. Don’t just sit and wait to be told what to do, ask if you can help and get stuck in. Introduce yourself to people and always bring a notepad and pen. 

Ask Questions

You are there to learn, so pretending you know everything can be disastrous. Clarification is essential but make sure you take note because nobody likes to be asked the same things twice. 

Use your initiative

If you see something that needs to be done, ask if you can help. If you don’t know what something means, try to find out first before asking a silly question – Google can be your best friend. 

Be professional

Remember that an internship is like an extended job interview. It is always a good idea to be friendly with your colleagues, but remember to stay professional. This also means dressing for the part; just because you may not being paid, it doesn't mean you should act any less like an employee than the rest of the staff. 

Network, Network, Network

You may not be asked to stay on as a full time employee immediately after your internship, however, use this time to build connections. This way, if jobs come up in the future, you will be at the front of their mind. Thank the big boss ( the one who would be hiring you) for the opportunity and ask to keep in touch. The phrase ‘it’s who you know’ couldn’t be truer in this sort of sense. 

We have been happy to see many JMC students gain jobs directly as a result of their internship acquired through their course. 

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