How to set up a Tripod

Although to many, this seems like a very basic task that every film maker should know, it's still one of the questions we're most often asked.

How_To_Series.png Whether you want to be a film producer, film director, cinematrographer, or any other professional member of the film & television industry, the first step is knowing how to correctly set up your equipment.

This video shows you how to correctly set up a tripod. The model used here is a fluid head which is popular amongst all filmmakers

First you'll need to make sure the tripod bag is carefully placed on the ground.
Unzip the bag, and carefully take out the tripod. 
Unlock the base clamps to free the tripod legs.
Twist the locks to ensure all three legs reach the correct height you'll need for the camera.
Lock the legs in place, by twisting the clamps until the tripod legs are tightened.
Stand the tripod up in place, and make sure it's balanced by viewing the fluid head, making sure the dot is right in the centre. 
You're ready to film.