How to set up a lapel microphone

JMC Academy shows you how to easily set up a lapel microphone.

Lapel microphones are excellent for gaining crystal clear quality audio for scenes involving dialogue or for interviews.

You will also need an XLR cable.

"Hi, Today we’ll be showing you how to set up a lapel microphone.

First, make sure you have your camera ready and both your camera and microphone are fully charged.

Connect the microphone to the camera through an XLR cable.

Connect your microphone to the subject making sure the camera is free of interference including hair, clothing and jewellery.

This will make sure you have crystal clear audio.

Adjust the levels on your camera to between –10 and 3 decibels.

Perform a test by getting your subject to count to five.

When you’re satisfied with the tests you are ready to record.

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