How to promote your work on social media; Posting Tips

Whether you are an Artist manager wanting to promote your clients work or a musician wanting to spread your music, Social Media is a great way to get it heard. You just have to know how. 

We’ve put together a 3 part series with some key tips that are touched upon in our Entertainment Business Management, Contemporary Music Performance and Songwriting courses to help you get your work heard by the right people.

Our first instalment of this series looked at Social Media Influencers and how to use them while part 2 looked at the platforms you should use and how. 

In our final instalment of this series, we look at the key tips you should be thinking of when posting to any platform. 

80%/20% rule 

On your Page, whether Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, stick to the 80/20 rule. Post 80% personal, humerous or interesting posts and keep your promotional posting to a 20% minimum to avoid bugging people. Post pictures of the band behind the scenes at a gig or working on a new album or short vine clips of a new song. These posts can subtly promote new music or a gig but not pushing it in peoples faces. Save that for the 20%!


When it comes to posting. Especially on Facebook, videos always gage the best engagement and reach. Put your music to a video. It doesn’t have to be a professional music video, even just a Selfie Youtube video or footage of you playing live.  Posting the videos directly to Facebook instead of posting a YouTube link also gets a lot more engagement and reach. As Facebook have their own video platform, they favour you posting directly to it as they would rather you didn’t click off onto their video hosting rival YouTube. 

Don’t just link

Some people use their social networking sites to just post links — lots and lots of links. Did you know that Facebook has an algorithm that means posting links reaches less of your audience than if you were to upload a video directly to Facebook? 

Twitter is a better platform to post a link onto, however, If you find a great article about a topic in your field of interest, or want to link to your other work, instead of just tweeting the URL, post the URL with your thoughts. Again, show your personality. 

Converse with your fans

Social media is a Social platform. That means you should be engaging with your fans. Ask them questions on the page and if they ask you questions, reply! Keep them in the loop and make it personal. 

Post at the right time. 

Check your stats! Social Media is perfect for getting great stats, especially Facebook (you would be shocked to know what they can find out about you) so use this to post to the right people at the right time. Check your current audience on your platforms and when they are most active and post at these times to get the most engagement. This is often between 5pm – 9pm but it can be different for each audience so check!


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