How to promote your work on Social Media

The creative industry is an amazing industry to work in, and now, Social Media is an amazing way to reach your audience to promote your work. You just have to know how.

Here at JMC Academy, we are passionate about helping our students find the career they love, so we’ve provided some top tips on how to promote your work in the Social Media Sphere…


The social media giant is a perfect place to share your work and reach a wide variety of people. Promote your page everywhere as it is a great base for your work. You can also pay to ‘boost’ your posts, your recent work and things you want to promote people, and target them so that it reaches people who have shown an interest in this industry area. By Boosting a post by just $20, you can reach thousands more people. 


Twitter is wildly popular and it’s a great way for you to interact with your community and audience! Generate your own hashtag, and interact with people on Twitter who are talking about and are interested in similar things. Cross promote!


Nearly EVERYONE uses YouTube. Videos are widely popular, so it is a huge opportunity to share your work on. Vloggers (Video bloggers) can make a living out of making videos. If you are a game developer, share how you are building your game, talk over your demonstration and addresss the audience. If you are a filmmaker, use it to promote your films. Videos are one of the top ways to promote your creativity.  


Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in Australia, and especially when it comes to Animation or Design, it is a great way to showcase your work. Have a look at The Top Instagram Design Account to follow...



Find your audience. The majority will be on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, but a lot of gamers for example interact on Reddit. Find your audience and address them, ask for their opinions, their support. There are forums for nearly everything now. Find where your audience are, and make yourself known there. 

The best ways to use Social Media. 

1. Show your personality
Be authentic. Show the audience your passion, and let them get to know you, and your work. 

2. Don’t just link
Some people use their social networking sites to just post links — lots and lots of links. Did you know that Facebook has an algorithm that means posting links reaches less of your audience than if you were to upload a video directly to Facebook? 

Twitter is a better platform to post a link onto, however, If you find a great article about a topic in your field of interest, or want to link to your other work, instead of just tweeting the URL, post the URL with your thoughts. Again, show your personality. 

3. Multimedia
Videos gain the most engagement on social media, then photos, then a normal status and links. Dress your posts up with Multimedia. If you are posting about a new design you are creating, post in-production shots. Get your audience excited for your next piece of finished work.

4. Enagage
Don’t expect people to just follow you. Follow them back, follow people that are interested in the same topics as you, retweet, share, comment your opinions. Social Media is about creating a conversation and a community. Become part of the community to then become the conversation leader. 

5. Spread the Word
Put your social media handles in your email signatures, on your posters. Tell people where you are online so they jmcsm.jpgcan see what else you are doing and become involved. 

6. Timing
Posting regularly is important, but it’s just as important not to over-post. Go to the ‘insight’ section of your Facebook page and click on ‘posts’, where it can tell you when your audience engage most. These are the prime times to post as this is when your audience is mostly on that platform, or checking their phones. 

Let us know what you think, and if you are a JMC Academy student, tweet us @JMCAcademy to share with us your work! Cross- Promote!

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