How to get work in the industry during your studies

Ultimately, the aim of studying any course is to not only expand your knowledge of a subject you enjoy, but to use this to gain a successful career in the industry.


Here at JMC Academy, we work hard to get our students and graduates industry work opportunities during and after their course to give them the advantage of securing a fruitful career. 

We’ve put together a list of ways that we provide our students with industry work and how you can find them. 

Facebook Groups

Each campus and course has their own Facebook group, managed and monitored by the head of the course.. Within this group, as well as reminders about assignments and events, tutors and staff often include jobs and opportunities for students to get involved in. 

Recently, over 20 Audio Engineering students worked at a festival in various paid positions on Keith Urban, Slipknot and Coldplay’s shows which not only helps put money in the bank, but is an excellent addition to the students' CV’s. This opportunity was presented to them on their Facebook Group by Glen Ferguson, Head of Audio Engineering in Sydney, so make sure you are part of the page relevant to your course and campus!

Work Hard

Don’t forget, if you can show your tutors dedication and skill, then you are almost guaranteed to gain many of these opportunities for paid work and internships throughout and after your course. As industry professionals, tutors are often asked to recommend students for industry positions, and if you have proved yourself in class, you may be the first name to pop into their head when the opportunity arises. For the past few years, top Audio Engineering graduates in Sydney have been able to gain jobs straight away at the Star Casino as engineers, and have quickly worked their way up the ladder into more prestigious jobs, leaving gaps open for new graduating students each year, which again are recommended by JMC staff for the positions. 


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Internship Programme

JMC Academy is proud to announce a new internship programme being fully rolled out for the February 2017 intake. Each course will provide students with the opportunity to carry out a professional internship to be undertaken as a credited course unit. Some of our courses have already seen students in internships through this programme, including many Audio Engineering and Entertainment Business Management students who took part working on an immersive theatre experience ‘Hidden Sydney’. This has subsequently led to multiple students being offered further paid work.

If you work hard, and get your foot in the door, you can achieve anything you want. Remember, our lecturers and student support staff are always here to help. 

Find out more about studying here at JMC Academy for your first step into working in the creative industries.