How to get a job in the creative industry

Ram is an award winning Senior Designer, Art Director, Blogger, CreativeLive.com Instructor and Author of the internationally acclaimed book 'How to get a job as a designer, guaranteed'. He's based in Sydney, Australia and in 2012, started the blog GiantThinkers.com which helps thousands of design students and graduates be employed. Ram has since been featured in Communication Arts, HOW magazine and AIGA.org. He recently came and spoke to our JMC Students on ‘how to get yourself out there: Action steps for emerging creative’. 

We have pulled some key points from Ram’s talk, that can help you find that perfect job in the creative industries;

Your Portfolio;
  •  A large degree of your competence and abilities are measured by your portfolio.
  • ‘A portfolio is a refined and considered selection of your best work, customised to speak to the area of creativity you are applying for. It should showcase your proved abilities, examples of completed work and potential for growth.’
  • Your craft is a commercialised artistry. You are a service and you offer a specific product
  • ‘Do not target everybody, you are not speaking to everybody'
  • Extend your personality into your work
  • ‘80% of jobs in the western world are filled though word of mouth, only 20% of jobs available are publicly advertised’
  • What is networking? It’s about building relationships. Its by far the most effective job search tool you can use. 
  • People always say ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’, but Ram disagrees. He believes ‘It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you’. 
  • Conversations have a starting point. Create that starting point. Say hi to people. Introduce yourself ‘Hi, I don’t usually speak to strangers but you don’t look too strange. My name is…’ ‘ Hi I don’t mean to pry but that looks really interesting, what are you working on?’
  • Social media is a key way of networking, especially LinkedIn. It Is a good way to get and keep connections, and is a place to ‘find and be found.’ It is also a great way to research people and companies before an interview
  • Employers want to work with people they like. Therefore, you need to contribute in an interview. You need a likeability factor.
  • What makes you different from other candidates? Embrace that you are already different, and use it. Who you are, where you have been and your life experiences.

Key websites to be on and look on;  Our favourite Ram sayings; 
  • Don’t wait for perfection – aim for it, but learn as you go. 
  • See things how they are, not worse than they are. Often times we can easily ‘self-sabotage ourselves because of the unknown’.
  • What getting the creative jobs you want boils down to being accountable and taking responsibility. Successful people don’t sit still. They are constantly networking and developing themselves. 
  •  ‘My dad taught me that success is a decision’ 

We would like to thank Ram for coming to JMC Academy and giving this incredibly helpful talk. 

If you would like to learn more about Ram and his wise words, visit his site… http://giantthinkers.com/

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