How to find the perfect student accommodation

Moving out of home, or to a new city can be daunting, but also an exciting new experience.

Home.jpgWhen it comes to looking for accommodation to use during your studies, it’s important to do the research before-hand. Having a safe and comfortable environment can really make a difference in those stressful periods. 

We spoke to JMC students who moved to study and found out their advice on finding the perfect place to live during your studies. 


“Safety and security were the main things I was looking for when I first looked for accommodation in Sydney. The main thing was feeling safe away from home and being comfortable.” – Liam Hitchcock, moved from Bathurst to Sydney. 

Research the areas you are considering to move to and their crime rates. You can find information like this on websites such as http://crimetool.bocsar.nsw.gov.au/bocsar/ Also check the security of the house – the locks on doors and windows before you move in. Consider mentioning these things to the landlord. 

Internet connection

You may think that in this day and age, everywhere has great internet, but that is just not true. Make sure the internet connection is strong if you intend to do a lot of uni work at home. Also, it is a good idea to check if the internet is included in your rent or if you will pay that on top.  Furthermore, ask if there is already internet set up or if you will need to set this up with an internet provider. This can take time, money and patience.  


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As obvious as it sounds, do your research on public transport and local supermarkets, as well as the distance to your uni. 
“Being a close distance from uni, either walking or short transit, as well as being close to other important places such as the supermarket, meal options, recreational places to pass time was very important. Being close to all the places needed from day to day helped make everything easier when moving. Sydney has plenty of public transport which makes it easy to get to different places, but being within a short walk of a supermarket and shopping centre definitely was great. Other things that need to be considered is work options nearby, and for me, I wanted to be close enough to uni, a short walk. Being close to uni was a bonus, which made it easier to go in after hours for study and to use the open facilities.” – Liam Hitchcock

Where to look

“There is plenty of information online both for places to rent, as well as student specific apartment blocks. You can look at some of the real estate websites to rent, also just simple Google searches will bring up plenty of places in the area. Once I found several places which ticked majority of the boxes, I went through and compared which was the best for my situation and budget. Bonuses with some of the places I found was gym included, free events and meals on certain days and special occasions, etc.” Liam Hitchcock

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