How to be Music Business Savvy

Grow a successful and lucrative long term career in the Music Industry

Being a truly successful performer requires more than remarkable talent. At JMC, we educate our students of the importance in being Music Business Savvy. This means making informed business decisions and understanding the opportunities of traditional and the new digital era. You also need to understand how to arrange and compose music, use industry technology, and have the business acumen to promote yourself.

Your success depends on how you develop these skills and understanding the possibility of diversifying your revenue streams for your music career.

Here are 6 JMC Academy Tips on how you can make money and explore how to exploit copyright and royalties.

Live shows and Merchandise

This is still one of the best ways to make your income and can vary dramatically. Adding merchandise packs are a great way to market yourself and earn you extra income. This can include CD sales, t-shirts, caps and posters.

Streaming (iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and Google Play) 

Sell your music online with Digital Music Distributors such as TuneCore, CD Baby or Ditto Music. Payouts from streaming services can be only a few dollars per month but will certainly add up over time and as you become more of a successful artist. 

Music Lessons

Put your skills to use with vocal, piano and guitar lessons. Tuition is a great way to generate income and inspire others who want to learn how to play or sing music.

Songwriting, Composing and Co-Writing

If you are a songwriter, you could write songs for other musicians and receive royalties for your efforts.

Music Publishing

Protect your intellectual property. Ensure you receive payment when your compositions are used commercially. This can include writing jingles for commercials, advertisements or film scoring

Session Musicians

Put your instrumental and vocal skills to use and be available to do call ins for recording sessions. 

'Versatility is the key.  Being able to continue adding strings to your bow will definitely help you succeed in this fickle friend we call the music industry!' Shannon Brown, JMC Music and Songwriting Lecturer

'Know your the opportunities are out there, and exploit them!' – Kylie Whitney, JMC Audio Lecturer

If you are interested in taking your talents to the next level, check out our Contemporary Music and Performance and Songwriting courses.