How to balance study with work

Whether you are a mature age student needing to provide, or fresh from high school also wanting to work part-time, it can sometimes seem difficult to get that work-life-study balance right. 

We have put together some helpful advice to make your time studying here at JMC Academy a smoother experience. 


Time Management

This is an obvious but an important one. Time management is absolutely key to reduce stress and complete your goals. Make sure you plan your work in advance and give yourself time to complete your study work. Take a look at our 7 helpful tips to improve your time management skills here.  Also remember that there is always help at hand to help you organise yourself. Here at JMC Academy we have Study Support to help any student organise their study time and aid you with your work. 

Save time for yourself

Burning out is a real thing and can happen to people all the time. All work and no play can make for a hard time for most people. Give yourself time, whether it’s to celebrate getting that piece of work done or just having a night to watch a movie and relax. 

Remember why you’re doing it

Never forget the bigger picture. What are you studying for? To create a better life for yourself and perhaps your family? To change careers and follow your dreams? Whatever it is, remember you are only human and people do struggle, but also remember that you are doing this for a reason. Stick to it; it will be worth it in the end!


One of the biggest time-wasters is procrastination. It can seriously mess with your time management and can make you more stressed when you know you need to have something done, but haven’t been able to do it! We have put together 6 steps to help end procrastination and get you working as a productive machine!

Saving Money

The more you spend, the more you feel you need to work. Therefore, make sure you take some steps to make sure you properly manage your money during your studies. Here are some top tips to help you afford university including finding any available grants, freelance websites and budget management. 

JMC Academy is dedicated to making sure our students can find a healthy work-life-study balance and graduate with strong industry knowledge and experience. If you are struggling or are worried about anything during your time here at JMC Academy, Student and Academic support are on campus and on hand to help you out. 

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