How the Creative industries Assist With Communicating COVID-19 to the Public

An industry renowned for entertaining people and creating enjoyable content is now using their skills to combat COVID-19 in creative ways.


We’ve rounded up a couple of pretty cool ways the creative industries have helped communicate to audiences about combating COVID-19. 


The Australian Government Department of Health received the help of animators to create a series of explainer videos surrounding COVID-19. These include animations about staying informed, helping to stop the spread, social distancing and a few others. Short, simple and snappy, these animations are ready to be viewed and shared. Check out the “Social Distancing” explainer below.



Vietnam’s Health Ministry has taken combating COVID-19 to a new level releasing a catchy pop song Ghen Cô Vy.

A play on words, the song implies that the virus is a ‘jealous troublemaker’ trying to get between two people. 
The original video has had around 10 Million views already, with every listener hearing an important health message and watching the video animation of hand washing, wearing masks and warnings about public gatherings. 

The song has also moved its way into TikTok as the anthem for a dance challenge “how to prevent COVID-19” with the Philippines Department of Health opening a TikTok account to campaign the prevention of virus spread.

Graphic Design

If you’ve been around work, your school, or literally any public area in the last few months, you will have seen a World Health Organization graphic about “Washing your hands”. There is now a range of ‘Myth Buster’ graphics on the World Health Organization site, giving updated advice and correcting the concerns of the public. These graphics are ready to be downloaded and shared. 


Graduation postponed? Still itching to celebrate before they get rescheduled? A Japanese student has built a graduation ceremony with his friends on the game Minecraft. Recreating an assembly hall with graduation banners and a robe and cap in hand, these kids were ready to walk through graduation game style.

A class of primary students gathered online to play Minecraft and be involved in their interim graduation ceremony, a fun, creative solution to the many downsides of COVID-19. 

Entertainment Business Management

Introducing “Isol-Aid”, the isolation music festival set up by Melbourne talent booker Emily Ulman, musician Merpire and artists manager Shannen Egan.

The concept, artwork and line-up was put together in just 2 days for their debut on the weekend of the 21st - 22nd March. A total of 74 artists live streamed a 20 minute performance before connecting viewers to the next artists with a split screen view on Instagram. Clicking over to the next act brought “Isol-Aid” to life, an event brought about community spirit, with more acts to come.

Media Service Providers

Netflix is here to keep you all entertained this self-isolation season. A browser plug-in called Netflix Party will let you stream simultaneously and chat with your friends and family from your own homes.

When you’ve downloaded Netflix Party, select what you want to watch on Netflix, press the ‘NP’ button at the top of your browser and select ‘Start the Party”, this will create a URL to share with your mates and chat using the side bar next to your TV Show or Movie.

Not only is communicating about COVID-19 combat important and assisted by the creative industries, communicating with each other will help us come together in this crisis and come out stronger than before. 

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