How one Audio Engineering student got to work at Austereo

By Wesley Junkeer 

Throughout my course of Bachelor of Creative Technology (Audio Engineering & Sound Production), JMC Academy has offered various opportunities for students to participate in course related extracurricular opportunities which has been a valuable bonus in undertaking this degree.

I myself have already had the privilege to take part in a workshop with Dave Aaron, an Audio Engineer at Death Row Records who has worked with artists such as Prince, Snoop Dogg and 2pac, as well as taking part in a workshop and one on one session with a member of N.W.A, The D.O.C. In September, I will be heading to LA with 29 other students for a student exchange to study at the LA film school, so have gained so many great opportunities from JMC Academy. 

At the end of trimester 4, the head of the Audio Department, Rob Care sent an email to all Audio students with an invitation to apply for a 4-week work placement at AUSTEREO - Radio (Fox FM/ Triple M) as if it were a real employment opportunity. This opportunity was only available for two students, so I believed the chances were slim, but hoped for the best. Either way there were benefits as I learned from the application process, specific to tailoring my application for an audio role in the future.

When I learned that I had been chosen, I was extremely excited and grateful to be awarded this opportunity.
At the beginning of June 2016, I started my placement and was given the grand tour of the Fox FM/ Triple M office by Danny O’Grady, whose role at AUSTEREO was specific to all things audio related with regards to radio commercials for both FOX FM & Triple M. Danny walked me through his typical day from working with the sales staff to the writers to the voice actors. I fortunately had the chance to experience the making of a few radio commercials from scratch, which gave me the full spectrum of what was involved. 

One of the other people I shadowed, Matt,who was responsible for radio imaging, had been with AUSTEREO for over 10 years. He explained how he started by being a fill-in for one week, was then asked to stay and hasn’t left since, which I found very inspiring, demonstrating the importance in taking every opportunity presented!

I also had the opportunity to work with various other AUSTERO employees like Jerimiah who worked on the Fifi & Dave show and Chris who worked on the Hamish & Andy show. As these shows are aired live it was an experience in itself to observe them actioning audio related requests not only from the running sheet, but also quite a lot of ad-hoc requests from the hosts. 
I had an exciting instance watching as one of the audio engineers created an audio replacement of the song “Panda” by “Desiigner” using Hamish’s two year olds son’s voice saying “Panda” for use on the Hamish and Andy show. 

Throughout my experience I was shown loads of tips & tricks with Pro Tools, methods of EQing and other cool audio manipulation techniques using various plugins, all specifically related to my course. It was not only a great insight into the radio industry, but allowed me to see firsthand, learnings acquired at JMC put into practice in a real world setting.

I had such a great experience at AUSTEREO and am very grateful for the opportunity. Everyone was friendly and welcoming and had a vast amount of knowledge that I could relate very closely to all I had learnt at JMC. This experience has given me a lot of inspiration and expanded my knowledge of the radio industry having seen firsthand what the various audio roles within entail. 

In the future, I hope to continue to expand all the skills and learnings acquired from JMC on a personal level as well as professional level. In essence, I love sound, so JMC has been the perfect foundation for me to continue to build up my love for audio & sound both creatively and professionally. 

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