Heads up Animators and Gamers!!!

Heads up Animators and Gamers!!! JMC Academy is sponsoring 48Machinima, a competition celebrating a new form of filmmaking that uses real-time, 3D virtual environments and gaming technologies.

machinema1.jpgIn a competition that hosts internationally rivalling teams, entrants are challenged to create a film in 48hours, competing for $3000 prize money.

This new cinematic art form is taking over the world, enabling artists with small budgets to create films that can mirror scenes and sets from bigger budget producers. 

So what makes this competition unique? In a wild and sleepless weekend, Machinima enthusiasts from around the world will make a 3-5 min short film from scratch—that is: writing, shooting and editing in only 48 hours.  On Friday, March 30 at 7pm, teams will get a character, a prop, a line of dialogue and a genre, that must be included in their film. By Sunday, April 1, the movie must be complete and uploaded by 7pm.

Each completed film is guaranteed a screening at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 April 2012 in Australia, and virtually in Second Life in the following week.  The screen is open to anyone who would like to attend. 

The 6th annual Project 48 Machinima will be hosted in Australia for the first time, in partnership with the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre and JMC Academy. Tony Dyson, creator of Star Wars iconic robot R2-D2, will be heading the judging team. 

So register your team today at http://48machinima.project48.com.au/ and stay tuned for more information.