Head of Music wins 6th Queensland Jazz Award

Sean Foran, Head of Music at Brisbane JMC’s Brisbane campus took home the Jazz Award at the Queensland Music Awards this year, for his band Trichotomy’s song ‘Asset or Liability’.



JMC was strongly represented at the Queensland Music Awards, with lecturer Rafel Karlen also nominated for the Jazz Award with his song ‘Ripple’. 

“It’s quite the honour to receive the Qld Music Award for Jazz work of the year. I’ve won this award previously, but each time I do feel a strong sense of pride that my music is so well received within the industry. The winning track “Asset or Liability” is taken from the recent album “KNOWN-UNKNOWN” released by my group Trichotomy and I think it’s important to mention that although I am the songwriter, the close collaborative relationship that I have with the musicians in Trichotomy is critical. John Parker and Samuel Vincent interpret my writing in such creative ways, and I think the appeal of this music is due largely to the cohesive group sound created by the band. As always, it’s about the musicians and their understanding of the nuances within the music, and I’m glad this track demonstrates that”. - Sean Foran

Furthermore, Contemporary Music Performance student Harry Phillips was selected from a large pool of talent as a finalist for the Arts Queensland's annual 10K QMA Billy Thorpe Scholarship which put him in the running to win a recording grant and a $10,000 scholarship prize! 

Having grown up with professional musicians for parents, Harry has been shaping his unique craftsmanship in songwriting since first picking up his guitar at the age of 10. His deep affinity with music from a young age has been a key influence in growing into the acoustic pop songwriter he is today. Through his time studying at JMC, Harry previously won the APRA ’50 songs in 5 days’ competition in 2017, travelled to the Netherlands for the International Writer’s Camp and won two JMC national songwriting competitions.

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