Working as the Head of Content Development: Virtual Reality

George Kacevski graduated from JMC Academy’s Animation course, and has gone on to become the Head of Content Development: Virtual Reality at The Pulse, working on a variety of exciting new projects. 

“The content and media industry is constantly changing. As technology improves, so do the methods and processes of producing content. Virtual Reality in particular has been one of the most exciting and fulfilling mediums I’ve ever worked with. It’s a perfect combination of film, games and technology and it’s growing very rapidly from hardware and software, to simply “how do you tell a story in 360º”. I’m lucky enough to be at the pointy end of the industry, talking on industry panels and working with pioneers to help develop this new and exciting medium where there are no set rules or practices. Every day is different, equally exciting and challenging.”

We chatted to George to find out how he got to where he is today in such an exciting aspect of the industry, from his time at JMC, his roles after, and what innovative projects he works on now.

My time studying. 

 Whilst I was at JMC, I struggled pin-pointing what my career focus was going to be. I was interested in all aspects of the course and knew I wanted to be in the film and media industry but could never decide on what I liked doing most. Interestingly enough, I eventually realized that that in itself was not the problem, but the solution. As a producer, I’ve had the opportunity to work on award winning live-action films, 2d and 3d animated content and commercials, and currently, game development and interactive on internationally acclaimed VR experiences, all skills I learnt at JMC.

JMC gave me the opportunity to learn many skills which would inevitably and directly help me in my current field of VR. From traditional 2D animation, to 3D animation and game development, I developed skills which I heavily rely on even now. As much as the curriculum at JMC was well designed, my favourite thing was being taught how to learn and progress your skills on your own. Having the ability to understand when you don’t know something and find out for yourself has become one of the most powerful tools I was given.

On top of academically, the students I met are also some of my best friends to this day.

SKY KRAKEN - An Interactive VR Film from The Pulse on Vimeo.

Life After JMC.

After 2 years at JMC I finished with a High Distinction average and was able to transfer to Sydney University where I completed my Masters in Design Science with an honorary Dean’s Mention. The 2 years at JMC and 1.5 years at Sydney University prepared me with a myriad of skills in media and film. 

My first job out of University was working as an editor on a cable TV station with creative director, Peter Faiman (Crocodile Dundee, The Paul Hogan Show). I then moved onto advertising, once again as an editor, working for a large agency on some of Australia’s largest clients. As I developed my skills as an editor and built a network within the local industry, I was also producing music videos and short films with my twin brother and director Nik Kacevski, also JMC Alumni. We built a reputation for high concept and high production value content which opened up a lot of avenues for me. 

My career trajectory was quickly shifting so I decided to utilize my network in advertising and moved to a production company as a Creative and Business Development Manager. My job was to build relationships with clients and work with them to solve their content problems. After a few years working in traditional content and advertising, I wanted to hone my skills as a technologist so I found the next challenge which was at the company I’m currently working for, The Pulse. 

Working as Head of Content Development: Virtual Reality

The Pulse was known for creating content outside of your usual screens; large screens, curved screens, multiple screens and projection mapping. I came in as a producer, progressed to business development, and then found the love for Virtual Reality. I’m currently the Head of Content Development at The Pulse focused on developing original VR content.

My job involves developing virtual reality content conceptually and producing materials and collateral to support the concept. I then take that material to market and pitch to platforms and distributors in order to raise production funds to produce the final virtual reality experiences. I also develop content and distribution strategies to reach as wide of an audience as possible.  

George’s Advice

My advice to current students would be: learn everything, do everything, engross yourself in the community that JMC creates. Come out knowing as many people as you can, and develop as many skills as humanly possible.

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