Guitar Virtuoso tells JMC his story.

Virtuoso guitarist, Damjan Pejcinoski came to JMC Academy to present his Guitar Masterclass to some of our Contemporary Music Performance students. We got a chance to sit down with him on his first ever visit to Sydney to chat about musical influences, his online success and how he mastered his craft. 


In the interview he chatted about how he became recognised through YouTube which provided him with the opportunity to play at a variety of places around Europe. He told us how when he was 14 years old he remembers attending a gig and watching a musician playing guitar. “I saw how the people that watched the show, [their reaction] was amazing  and I said to myself, I want to be a rockstar!”.

Damjans music covers a whole heap of genres from blues to jazz to contemporary. When JMC Academy’s head of Contemporary Music Performance and Songwriting course Kemo Bungeric asked how he manages to cover so many genres, he simply put it down to his personality. Comparing it to wanting to match interests when meeting new people, Damjan said of music ‘ I’m that kind of person, when someone plays blues, I want to play blues with them. I am a friendly guy, I just want to hand out and play different kinds of music, so I like all the styles that I play’.

 He discusses the importance of studying music and the passion for the industry. 

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