Guest blogger: RAab Stevenson on Vocal Health.

The Worlds' Leading Vocal Coach RAab Stevenson on Vocal Health on the road and returning to Australia, where he will conduct exclusive Platinum Vocal Workshops at JMC Academy nationally.

RAab_-_Pharrell.jpgI'm really excited to be heading back down under to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for some private work, workshops and one on one vocal lessons. During these workshops at JMC, I will be covering a whole host of topics. If it’s vocal related, then it’s going to be in there and using this entry to even describe that would not do it justice, but here are a few things I wouldn’t mind sharing:

Some of the greatest parts of my job are vocal arranging. It’s one thing to hear a great vocal part on a record, but bringing that to life in a live arena or stadium venue is a whole other ball game. I’m looking forward to showing everyone at the workshops how that is done and how I can do the same with you, so be sure to bring your singing voices. 

I’ve just gotten back from working in Europe and the UK, working with some very special artists who I’m blessed to call clients of mine. While on this last trip, I found myself reflecting on what all the small parts of being a vocal coach and arranger are and how they come into play on the road and in the studio. Everything from vocal health and maintenance to endurance and warm ups. Indeed, there are many factors the general public wouldn’t even connect that determine a performer's ability to go on stage and nail it. What happened this week? Press, controversy, interviews, travel and loads more all have a part to play in what I do in getting an artist up and ready to shine with their God given talents. 

The mind of an artist is an amazing thing. In these workshops you are going to come on a journey with me as I explore what it is and show it to you …. 

There are so many great parts to this workshop that I can’t wait to bring to you and with me is Aussie engineer and my friend Peter Moses. I met Peter years ago at RODE Microphones and we have been close ever since. Peter is a multi platinum engineer, having worked on material for some of this industry’s best in studios throughout the USA and around the world. We can’t wait to bring this workshop to you.