Entertainment Management Graduate working in law firm gives her advice.

Bree Coker graduated the Bachelor of Entertainment Business Management in 2015, and now works as a Legal Assistant at Studio Legal, a boutique law firm in Windsor servicing the creative industries.breecoker.jpg

After completing an internship at Sony Music, she went on to work as Sales Coordinator for Roadshow Films (a division of Village Roadshow), before finding her current role posted on job site Seek. 

“I have always been passionate about entertainment and the creative industries. I am enjoying being able to combine my background working as a Personal Assistant in a law firm with this passion, as well as being able to draw upon some of the tools I learnt in my degree at JMC.”
“Studying at JMC gave me exposure to a broad range of areas and topics, helped me to meet people and build networks and to get an internship.  By the time I graduated I felt well positioned to apply for jobs in the industry.  I also learnt a number of practical skills I have been able to apply to different roles since graduating, particularly in marketing, publicity, copyright & publishing, planning and accounting.  Another thing - a lot of our assessments encouraged creative ideas and originality and this has really helped me to think outside the square.”
“I liked that the classes were small and interactive (not like a lecture theatre) and encouraged open discussions. I truly loved learning and being in a room full of like-minded people and I made a lot of great friends during my time there.  My teachers were great – they were passionate and most had industry experience which meant they could relate first hand to what they were teaching.”

Bree’s Advice to students 

During your studies:

•    Network! (It might feel awkward or cheesy at first, but it’s really not!)
•    Start a LinkedIn profile and add everyone you meet.  These people might remember you later or post about a job opening.
•    Do an internship – this will give you a real leg up on other graduates who don’t. 
•    Get a part-time job that has some relevance to what you want to do. (Working in an office and learning admin skills for example will have more value on your resume than working at Coles). 
•    Volunteer at events and make connections
•    Do things with enthusiasm and a positive attitude and people will remember you.
•    Go to industry events like Face The Music.
•    Read articles and be knowledgeable about the industry you want to get into.
•    Your teachers are a great resource, use them!

After your studies:

•    Have a good cover letter that is personalised to the position you are applying for!  (It is immediately obvious when it’s not and these tend to get ignored).  What is going to make you stand out from the other 200+ applicants?
•    Have a go!  Apply for jobs.  Go for interviews.  It is all great practice and an opportunity to get yourself out there and in front of the right people.
•    Talk to people. Ask questions. Find a mentor or role model who is doing what you want to do now and ask them how they got there.
•    Don’t expect to walk into your dream job straight out of uni. Cast your net wide and think big picture – you might need to take a few stepping stones first to get where you want to go.
•    Keep doing all the other stuff and enjoy the journey.

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