Graduate student tells how to get your foot in the door.

Entertainment Business Management graduate Katarina Raptis has landed herself a great job working as a PA at the distribuition company Beyond Productions, which is an amazing way to get her foot in the door. We caught up with her to see how she got there. 


Tell us what you've been up to since graduating?

Since I've graduated, I've been gaining as much work experience as possible to help secure myself a job in the industry. The business I intern for, Onespace, has given me a lot of opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge I have picked up in the Entertainment Management course at JMC. I have been helping the creative director produce some amazing events since.

How did you get this position at Beyond Productions?

I had seen the job advertised on the Australian TV Jobs website, which I then applied for, to be contacted for an interview. During interview I made sure I showed them how interested I was and what my capabilities are, acquired through my work experience and my degree. Being able to communicate effectively is also key.

How do you believe your course helped prepare you for the industry?

I think the most valuable thing that I had taken from this course is learning from the lecturers' experience. They gave us real industry knowledge and expertise that aided us to not only finish our degree but prepare for what the entertainment workplace has to offer and what it demands. They gave us practical opportunities in proving our competence in the industry, which I think is an advantage over a lot of other courses.

Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

I would like to say still in TV production, but as a Production Manager.

What advice would you give to current students?

Keep going! There will be times where you feel like the world is caving in and you're not capable of achieving things, but I promise that if you push through it you will find you will achieve more than you thought you are capable of! Have faith in your lecturers too! They are always there to help you reach your goals.

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