Graduate's Global Ambition

At the age of 24, talented Ben Kumanovski is arguably already living the film producer's dream.

jmc.PNGHaving graduated from JMC Academy in 2006 with a Bachelor of Communications in Digital Televison Production, Mr Kumanovski's passion for filmmaking combined with the vocational skills he picked up at JMC meant it was not long before this entrepreneurial producer and director had set up his own production company, Global Pictures.

Today he is busier than ever and has a pipeline of ongoing corporate video work with blue chip clients such
as resources giant BHP Biliton. However Mr Kumanovski has not lost sight of his own filmmaking goals. 

In fact, by mixing production skills originally picked up at JMC with new animation and Gren Screen technologies, he is finding his personal filmmaking continuously breaking new boundaries and in terms of his use of technology is now on a par with the bigger studios.

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