Graduate proves that making the most of your time is key

Entertainment Business Management Graduate Sanita proves that making the most of your time here is key! After taking part in the LA exchange programme, volunteering at the JMC partnered Electronic Music Conference and graining great contacts through her time here, she landed a job at Good Game!

We chatted to her to find out how it's going and her advice for current students...

Tell us about your new role as a production assistant at ‘Good Game’?

My role as Production Assistant involves organisational and administrative support to the Producers and Series Producers, as well as assisting in any general production duties on-set (art department) or in the office (social media, etc). I mainly do small but important tasks that ensure smoother workflow, so that the Producers can have peace of mind whilst they work on the big three: Good Game, Spawn Point and Pocket Edition. We also have live shows and convention appearances that are scheduled, in which I'm helping with the logistical elements. 

The team also receive early access to games, so we get to test play a new game before it's released. It may look like all we do is play video games, but there is a great production team behind all of it and I'm so proud to be a part of it. 

How did you get this role?

The position was advertised on the Good Game Facebook, then I checked on the ABC Careers page and I instantly knew that it was the perfect role for me. I applied for the role in Week 12 of Trimester 6, which was quite difficult because it was in the midst of the final assessments. I spent the entire day working on an application and refining my CV and Cover Letter. After I finished, my lecturer checked my application, then I submitted and hoped for the best. 

The ABC contacted me on the first Monday of the year for an interview the next day. I was really nervous about the process- they were interviewing eight people out of 310 applications, so to up my game, I showed them my event and tour manuals I created for Trimester 6, plus mentioned the LA exchange program and elaborated on why I wanted to be in this industry. They called me back the next day and said they wanted me as part of their team. It was a whirlwind of a week!

How did JMC help prepare you for the industry?

During my time at JMC, I was in a great class with students well-versed in a variety of skills. Although someclasses were not related to my personal interests, like artist management, I didn't let this deter me from what I wanted to do. I applied the principles from my classes and related them back to the industry that I wanted to go in. In my second year, a fellow classmate introduced me to a friend who was looking for a social media intern. This internship eventually opened up opportunities to work on a TV Pilot and see behind-the-scenes work. 

I was also accepted into the LA Film School exchange program and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I had the opportunity to study the Entertainment Business program, which taught me the importance of being a manager or producer in a project. That's the great thing about EBM, you'll learn several focuses, e.g. events, touring, marketing, licensing, etc, but above all, you'll learn to be a great manager that can transition between multiple industries. The reason why I was chosen for the Production Assistant role was due to my organisational and research skills, my eagerness to get my hands messy on-set, but overall my passion to be creative. Acquiring that vast knowledge and practice throughout my study was well worth it.

What was your favourite part about studying at JMC Academy?

The best part throughout JMC was forming the connections and relationships with students and teachers. The staff and teachers also offered volunteer roles at various events; not only were they a lot of fun, they were very beneficial as part of work experience. The students and lecturers have become part of my network, so it's been important to keep that relationship with them.

Also being able to tailor the degree to my interests.  

What advice would you give to current students?

I have three points that have saved me through the hard times:

  • Listen to your teachers - Sure you want to jump straight into a career, but theory builds the knowledge and foundation for the industry. If you don't understand something, ask your lecturer or classmates questions. You don't want to be that graduate who doesn't know how to read a budget. 
  • Work and volunteer experience - It's important to complement your study with practice. Even though I'm not a big fan of the genre, I volunteered at the Electronic Music Conference (EMC) when JMC partnered with them and still had a great time. It's a good asset to be versatile and open minded, so try your hand at different volunteer roles. 
  • Breathe and look after yourself - If I had a rough week, I'd take some time off to play some video games, go shopping or watch a movie. I'd come back refreshed and inspired to work on my assessments. Work smart and treat yourself regularly. 

Where do you hope to be in 5 years time?

I'm aspiring to be either a Creative Director, Producer and/or Project Manager, so I'm hoping to do a Masters in Project Management, Screen Arts & Business or Communications- I haven't really decided yet. I know I'll definitely be in a manager position in either the Film & TV industry or the Video Gaming industry, hence this Production Assistant role is a great start to my career.

Best of luck Sanita in your future endevours!

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