What to do When Your Gap Year's Not Going to Plan

We all know the feeling. You’re finally on that down ramp out of school after 13 long years. 13 years of math classes and boring teachers. You count down the last few days, smash out the final exams and all of a sudden, BOOM, you’re free to roam the wild world as a high school graduate. You’re so happy that you are finally free that the thought of going straight back to study at uni makes you cringe. So you decide a gap year is the way to go... 

It’s cool at first. A few sleep ins, no homework, a little bit more time to work meaning a little bit more money. But after a while, the charm begins to wear off. You realise that the thrill of sleeping in begins to fade and workload at your boring job begins to increase. The plans for that gap year dream holiday seem to be fading each day. All your friends are either working or at uni and you’re sick of sitting around doing nothing in your free time. You start to think to yourself – ‘maybe this gap year wasn’t a great idea after all…’

Well, you’re in luck. JMC has you covered. We realise that sometimes that the gap year is tempting, but doesn’t always go to plan. So, here are four ways that allow you to turn that gap year around and use that re-ignited flame in your belly to get back into that study routine to begin the journey of claiming your dream job as soon and simply as possible.

Study Abroad

Maybe the reason for the gap year was to take that dream holiday that you have been thinking about non-stop since you saw that Europe travel ad on TV 5 years ago. But then you realise; holidays are hard to plan, expensive and almost impossible to get all your friends on board at the same time. Instead of spending every waking moment freaking out about organising that trip, how does spending 2 weeks in the Los Angeles sound? Maybe a Japanese Animation tour? Or even an all-expenses paid trip London Music Exchange with Nandos? 2 weeks not enough? How about spending a whole trimester mastering your skills at Fonty’s Academy for Creative Industries in the Netherlands? All of these options are available to students throughout their courses at JMC through the Study Abroad option, which allows them to get out in the wild, learn from the best and see the world in the process. How’s that for a dream holiday?

Internship Programs

But I’m sure some of you aren’t the overseas type. Some of you took the gap year to chance your arm, try and skip that second level of study to sneak your foot in the door of that dream job and climb the ladder from there. Sure, that tactic can work, but for the really good jobs, it’s all about who you know and JMC knows just about everyone in the business.

MTV, Universal, Foxtel, Ministry of Sound, Mountain Sounds Festival (just to name a few) have taken on students from JMC and put them to work in real life industry situations. Obviously classes are very important, but sometimes you have to get up and learn by doing. So quit sending resume after resume with no success to all the glamour companies pleading for your dream job and take advantage of the JMC internship programme.

Multiple Intakes Per Year

So you’ve committed to throwing off the work gloves, decided you want to go back to school but are concerned that waiting until the start of next year will lead towards a loss of that passion and put a stop to those motivational juices that have just began flowing again? Why not enrol for a mid-year intake?

Timing is everything. Not everybody is always ready to jump straight in at the very beginning of the year. So if you tried the gap year, realised it wasn’t your thing, but missed the February intake in the process, how about starting in June? Or September? Three intakes a year allows you to take your time, make the right decision on the correct course for you and then jump straight in when the time is right!

Money Saver

Finally, you have made the decision of returning to school and have decided what course suits you best. There’s always just that one last problem…. Money. Admittedly, seeing those uni bills can be daunting at first, but there are plenty of options that can make studying a much more affordable option.

FEE-HELP is a vital tool used by a large number of students studying any degree. It simply gives you a chance to get your career started before you have to pay for the pathway that got you there. In other words, don’t pay until you’re making the big bucks!

So now we have the fees sorted, you’re probably thinking about the pain of spending a few years only working weekends and living by the skin of your teeth. If that’s a worry, fear no more. Part-time study options are available for the every-day busy student. This still gives you the full degree, but just gives you more free time to earn money and reduce stress.

How does not paying at all sound? If that sounds like something you might be interested in maybe applying for the scholarship program is the way to go! If you think you have the passion, commitment and talent to excel in these courses, JMC is happy to pay your way through the course and watch you thrive in the unique learning environment that only JMC can offer.

So No More Excuses!

It’s time to get back into the land of the learning and warm that brain back up after a mind-numbing gap year attempt. The opportunities are endless and the sooner you get started, the sooner you will be waking up with a smile on your face, going to the dream job every day.

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