Game Development Students Present 'Lumina'

JMC Academy Games Development Students are in the middle of creating their game ‘Lumina’, and we caught up with them to see how it’s going… 

The game of 2 sisters is surprisingly created by 5 guys; 

Joshua Braddy - Creative Director/Project Manager/Lead Writer
Ewan Tupper - Lead Environmental Artist
James O'Brien - Lead Concept Artist/Lead Musician/Lead Character Modeler
Cameron Brabazon - Lead Programmer/Lead Rigger
Anthony Varela - Lead Modeler

'Lumina is a narrative driven exploratory adventure game which focuses on the relationship between two sisters; Lirien and Kaia. It’s a hugely collaborative process that begun with the concept of a teenage girl trying to find her younger sister. It grew from there to be about the journey of these two siblings as they traverse this dreamlike fantasy landscape, while the player assumes the role of Lirien.’

They’re using the latest version of the Unity game engine, and accompanying programs such as Maya and Mudbox, to create a distinct low-poly visual style to create a point of difference for Lumina. 
‘As soon as we saw the worlds and art that could be created with a low poly look, we were smitten. Like that, we had our visual style. So, we ran with it.’ – Josh Braddy

You can see their character models below, who carry a very papercraftesque look, reminiscent of the Nintendo 64 era graphics.

The game experience is driven heavily by its narrative, its environments and its soundtrack. Everything in the design process focuses on the relationship between Lirien and Kaia, so if anything is implemented that stands in the way of that relationship or distracts from it, then its altered or removed. The game utilizes choice based mechanics, so using dialogue options the player decides what kind of role model they want to be for their younger sister. The game privately tracks these choices, and at the end of the journey the player is given one of six separate endings.'

The game sits apart from the standard conventions of what a general audience expects from a video game, and instead Lumina invites its players to immerse themselves in the heartfelt story of two sisters. Take a peak into their work in progress game in development… 

We look forward to seeing the final product, and wish the boys luck!

To follow their story, read Josh’s blog here… https://luminagame.wordpress.com/

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