Fun things to do on your commute

We have such passionate students, that some commute over an hour or two to come to class. Therefore, we want to help make your commute more fun.

Here are some of our suggestions. Enjoy!


Remember to set an alarm for 5/10 minutes before your train is due in to the station, just in case it arrives early. There is no point pretending you will miraculously wake up before the right stop. We’ve all done it and woken up in the middle of nowhere. 


Be creative every day in whatever you do ✨

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Do your work

It’s a perfect place. Open your laptop and get it done. Brainstorm ideas and make notes. Build your creativity wherever you can. 

Watch Netflix

Top Tip: you can DOWNLOAD some Netflix shows TO YOUR PHONE. Lifechanger.


Go old school and crack open a book. Or a kindle, we’re not fussed which. Or, read some more of our top tip articles!



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Selfie central

We’re not suggesting particularly that you do it, we are just aware that many people do.


Funnily enough, you can listen to some of our podcasts about Music, Composing and songwriting here. 

Find out more about Life at JMC and why it’s so worth the commute.