FTV Student in Final Trimester Makes Waves at Commonwealth Games

Film and Television Tri 6 student, Rebekah Evans, put all her JMC knowledge to the test working with the giant Commonwealth Games in Brisbane this year. She tells us about the expereience of working in Graphics Playback for the fast paced Aquatic Centre.

‚ÄčI've leant how to do so many roles I never even knew about and been pushed to my creative limits many times!

You recently did some work on the Commonwealth Games. Can you tell us about how you landed that role and what was involved?

So, we had Great Big Events (GBE) visiting universities looking to hire graduates for the games, for the position of Graphics Playback or Audio Playback. I applied for Graphics, had an interview and got the position working at the Aquatic centre for the Swimming and Diving for the duration of the games. This position required the playback of all the graphics on the screens in-house. So I was in charge of playing all types of videos and animations and any event slides. We had a lot of fun. At one point I was working off 5 computers which was cool! 

What did you learn from working on such a large production?

I was very lucky in that I got a team that were beyond supportive. It honestly was like working with family. If you made a mistake or wasn't sure of something, everyone got around you to help and encourage you. The main thing I learnt, however, was that you've got to be open to change. There were times when schedules changed or something on our run sheets would be different and you have to be able to quickly adapt and say, 'Yep! I can do that!' and just do it. It also meant you had to be highly engaged in what you were doing. A director has a million things to think about and there were times when they would call for something that I knew wasn't the right thing because I had studied the run sheet, and so being able to quickly note that, and let them know you've recognised it's different is something a lot of them appreciated. 

You're just about to finish your Bachelor of Film and Television, tell us what made you want to study FTV and a bit about your time so far at JMC?

My goal since I left school was to find something that allowed for a different view each day. Something that wasn't mundane. I really wanted to challenge myself and my abilities. I had a friend recommend JMC to me and I'm so glad they did. In the space of two years I've worked on over 15 projects, most of which have been in major roles. I've learnt how to do so many roles I never even knew about, and been pushed to my creative limits many times. I've also written & directed two films and had the privilege of working within the industry doing some work for Cystic Fibrosis. 

Tell us your favourite things about your time at JMC?

Some things I really enjoyed about my time at JMC was the ability to be practical in almost every class. Having hands on tutorials and being given exercises that allowed us to be creative almost all the time was really beneficial. Another thing was having accessible lecturers that worked in the industry and were beyond happy to help with guidance and feedback. We also had smaller sized classes which meant building connections and finding those you work well with was quite easy. Again, I was very privileged as our class all became great friends and we were all so supportive of each other, which definitely pushed us through to the end! 

Apart from the Commonwealth Games, are there any other roles in the industry you have taken on?

In the middle of Trimester Two, myself and another friend from JMC started a wedding filming business which we're still doing, and I've more recently been asked to join a band on tour in July to film their gigs and their time on tour. I also have a few more freelance videography things I am working on, so some very exciting things coming up! 

What advice would you give to current students just starting out at JMC?

Ask questions! Don't feel stupid for not knowing something. You'll never stop learning. A big thing I learnt was definitely to not overcommit. You may want to be on everything and try everything but you really need to put time into one thing at a time and make sure that's the best it can be before you commit to another thing. Definitely learnt that the hard way! Oh and also make connections! It's all about who you know. 

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