From the Music Business Class to My Own Vocal Studio

Studying Music at JMC teaches you more than just how to be a kickass performer


The JMC Music course covers a bunch of different aspects of the music industry to ensure that by the time you finish, you are a well rounded, knowledgable and confident musician. A huge part of becoming a successful musician is understanding the business - which is what our Music Business class is all about. Just ask Music Alumni, Liz.

Liz created a mock business plan for her major assessment in this course and has since graduating, turned it in to a fully operational home based vocal studio called, Collective Music Co.

We had a chat with Liz about what CMC is, her drive behind creating this type of school and how her time at JMC helped her achieve it! 

Tell us a bit about Collective Music Co.

Collective Music Company is a home based vocal studio, in the Hills District, Sydney. CMC exudes experience, qualification and passion for music and the performing arts. 

CMC accepts and encourages students of any age, ability and vocal experience into a welcoming, calming studio space. Each personalised lesson, aims to provide more than vocal and performance training. We aspire to enhance students confidence levels and ability to growth and self express.

An involvement in music and singing, has long been recognised as being beneficial for mental health and general wellbeing. Collective Music Co exudes fun, expertise and professionalism and invites you to come and experience the power of immersion in music. 

Where did the idea behind Collective Music Co. come from?

The idea behind Collective Music Co originally derived from my studies as a Scholarship Student and vocalist at JMC Academy Sydney. During my Degree, I submitted an assignment as part of my ‘Music Business’ unit, that involved designing and orchestrating a mock business plan. Here, the idea behind opening a music school was born.

Since graduating from JMC, I commenced studies in Occupational Therapy. During this time, I perused my love for helping people with varying needs and abilities. I began working with children and adults who needed a patient person to assist them in fulfilling aspects of their daily routine. I began incorporating music into my interactions with many of these individuals and witnessed the positive impact and healing capacity, of music.

Now, in 2019, I have decided to take a leap of faith and open Collective Music Co. CMC is a music studio that combines two of my greatest passions, music and guiding people to be the most confidant versions of themselves.  

What have been some of the challenges?

One challenging aspect of this process has been being my own boss. Creating my own working hours and teaching myself the ins and outs of the business world is new to me. Opening Collective Music Co. has taken a lot of hard work, learning and sacrifice but it’s a small price to pay in the process of achieving a dream. 

What have been some of the highlights?

There have been many amazing moments throughout this process, however, a moment that resonates with me, was after my first student had completed their first lesson. As the lesson went on, I could see the student slowly becoming more confidant and comfortable. Seeing my first student enjoying themselves so much, was inspiring and reminded me why I opened the studio in the first place. 

How did your time at JMC help make this possible?

My time at JMC gave me the skills, qualifications and confidence I needed to make this possible. JMC was a platform to network and meet likeminded individuals in the creative industry. Many of the music teachers that I will hopefully employ in the future, I will have met whilst studying my music degree.   

What are some of your goals for Collective Music Co. in the future?

Eventually, I would love to move into a larger, more commercial operating space. Here, I would employ more music teachers, specialising in different instruments. I aim for Collective Music Co. to be space where students are encouraged and supported, as they expand their musical ability and express themselves. As the studio grows, I also aim to provide various performance opportunities for students. Here, they can have fun and put into practise what they learn in lessons but on a more professional platform.  

What advice would you have for anyone thinking about studying music?

Some advice I would give to anyone thinking about studying music would be to work hard, embrace your individuality and dream big. A Degree in music can open so many doors, so it is important to keep an open mind and to take every opportunity that comes your way. Lastly, networking can be really important. The connections and friendships you make with fellow musicians and students in other creative industry courses, will be useful during study and your ventures post-graduation.  

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