From Thailand to Australia: My Music Story

International Student Patravee Srisuntisuk made her way to Australia from Thailand to start her studies at JMC Academy in Melbourne. 

We caught up with her to find out just how difficult it was moving to a new country to study Music. 

How are you finding living in Australia?

I really love living in Melbourne indeed!! I didn’t find it hard to adapt to the new city since it’s so multicultural. (If I miss Thai food, then I have plenty of choices and being an Asian in Melbourne is so normal.) 
People are also really nice to me, even though my English is not that strong especially at school, everyone is very supportive.

The thing I love most about living here is the ease of traveling to places by tram (I’m in love with tram now believe it or not). To be able to visit the beach in less than 30 minutes is very pleasing. There’s a LOT of music events to be attending. I think it’s a great place to learn, not only educational things but also new activities, I just started learning how to skate last week and maybe next month I’ll learn how to knit haha.

how happy I was tonight :)

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What made you want to study abroad?

I was quite lost being a 25-year-old singer; I’ve never really studied music (I graduated in media communication and films study). After touring and working for 2-3 years I decided it’s time for a fresh start and to actually know music in an educational way. I really hope I’ll get to know it better after the course and will be able to work better in the field.

I was visiting Melbourne last year for a week and I saw posters on the tram, I did some googling and I find the course perfect. I planned to study in Melbourne since I really love the city and since the course is around 8 months (for the diploma), I can take a good amount of time studying and go back to working again.


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What do you hope to be doing in 5 years?

I hope to be doing some music in Thailand, singing, writing songs, playing gigs and maybe learn how to cook haha. Actually one of my plans is to come back here and finish the course (for a master degree).

How did you find the move including finding accommodation and friends?

Well, it wasn’t a struggle for me at all to be honest. It took me about a month to find a place to live but after a lot of googling (and gumtree-ing) I found a good rental apartment. I happened to find a lot of friends from my own country that just moved here to study and work, and also since there’s a lot of student activities at JMC, naturally made lots of friends. 

What advice would you give to other international students looking to study at JMC Academy?

Studying in a language that is not your own is challenging, it is hard for me sometimes, but JMC teachers and staff really paid attention to every student and that helps A LOT. 

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