From Post-Graduation to finding your Dream Job

With over 35 years of education under our belt we know a thing or two about getting you on the right career path. After finishing your studies, you may not get a job straight away, but it’s important to not get disheartened.

We’ve got 7 tips for post-graduates to keep you on the right track to getting your dream job.



Interning or carrying out work placements is a great place to start your journey towards your dream job. You get real-world industry experience to boost your CV, to learn on the job and to build your professional network. Be proactive. Don’t just wait for intern positions to become available - get in contact with companies you would love to work at and ask if you can help them out to gain experience. You never know, if they like you they could end up offering you a full-time role!

Keep in contact with your tutors and classmates

The people you meet during your studies are some of your best connections to the industry. Your tutors would already have a tonne of contacts and your classmates are the future of the industry, so be nice and stay in touch. Start your communications with meaningful comments, congratulating them on a specific achievement or a compliment about their work. Don’t run straight in asking for a job - build real connections. 

Keep your books and work

As tempting as it is to burn all your essays, they can be vitally important when you need to remember a trick or hack that can help you down the line. Don’t forget that the work you carried out during your studies can all count towards a showreel or evidence of your abilities, so utilise this.  

Professionalise your online presences

The first thing you should be doing before you even think about reaching out to potential employers is making sure your online presence is professional enough. Almost any employer who is considering inviting you in for an interview will search for you online before they do, so it’s important that your profile picture isn’t you doing anything that could jeopardise your chances. On your Facebook profile view as ‘public’ so you can see what other people see when they’re not friends with you then filter/delete accordingly! 

Get stuck in

If you’re struggling to find someone to put their trust in you as an employee then why not put your trust in yourself! Start building your own personal projects and essentially self-employ. This way you can learn on your feet and start getting stuck in. This also demonstrates dedication and the ability to work hard if approaching potential employees. 

Stay motivated

Don’t let the job hunt get you down. Stay motivated and never give up. If you invest the time in yourself, building your contacts and developing your experience, you will get where you want to be. 

Further study

Taking the time to further your study through short courses, workshop events or even a masters degree can open up more avenues to help you succeed. Not only can it help you build even more contacts in the industry but additional qualifications can expand your career pool.  

JMC Academys Master of Creative industries gives you the opportunity to bring your creative project to life, taught by hand-picked menors, while earning your Masters Degree along the way. 

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