From Indonesia to Australia: Advice from our Student Ambassador Jasmine Carissa

Hey everybody! I’m Jasmine Carissa and I’m an international student from Indonesia studying Entertainment Business Management in JMC Academy Melbourne campus. As an international student, my initial biggest fears were whether I could keep up with the classes and if I would be accepted by my peers. But from the first day of school my worries and fears disappeared instantly, everybody was extremely friendly, accepting and helpful. Each lecturer is special and helpful where they are willing to give their attention to each one of their students and help us when we are struggling. The staff, lecturers and my friends just made adjusting to a whole new environment easier and more enjoyable. I’m also involved in the Student Representative Council and have organized some student events such as the Orientation day and Halloween Party.


As I’m a JMC international Student Ambassador, I was given the opportunity to join the Indonesia team to represent JMC Academy on their promotion tour. We were accompanied by Sean Callinan, Head of Games and Animation from Sydney and Sean Foran, Head of Music department from Brisbane. We went to 6 cities: Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Pekan Baru, Lampung & Bandung. In each city, we would visit local high schools, both Mr. Foran and Mr. Callinan conducted animation and music workshops and I shared about life in Australia and JMC as a student. We held counselling session where I answered students’ and parents’ questions about studying abroad and shared my experiences from a about student life, expenses and my studies. It was an amazing experience representing JMC Academy and being able to represent JMC to Indonesia. I learnt so many valuable lessons during the trip and also more about how special the courses JMC Academy are offering. It is an extremely amazing opportunity for Indonesia students who has a passion for contemporary and modern art to grow and develop their skills and knowledge to be able to prepare for their future career.

My advice to students who were thinking about studying in Australia is don’t worry. People in Australia are open-minded, friendly & helpful. I have learned so many valuable lessons and met amazing people along the way. Studying in Australia will expose you to the fascinating cultural diversity, and you will learn to be independent. I can promise you that you will gain the knowledge and experience that you need to reach your goals from JMC Academy and enjoy the stay. In other words, you will have the best time of your life!

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Entertainment Business Management Course Overview - JMC Academy from JMC Academy on Vimeo.