Filming a Music Video

No matter what industry you work in, you will always have to connect with people from other walks of life.


That is why we put so much emphasis on our Integration module here at JMC Academy, bringing students from various courses together to work on a project, just as you would in the 'real working world'. 

Here, we chat to Film & TV Production student Cassandra Warner who directed and edited the Music Video for the JMC Academy student integration project working with Music and songwriting Students, Entertainment Business Management students, Audio Engineering students and other Film & TV Production students. 

Performed by The Imprints

Directed by Cassandra Warner
Produced by J. Kash Greene
Cinematography by Mitch Condon
Edited by Cassandra Warner

Hey! Tell us about your time working on this project and the idea behind the video.

Working on this project was similar to any other project you encounter, it takes a lot of work! The creative process started when I was trying to come up with a concept that matched the vibe of the song. In the assessment you are presented with different songs to pitch for, and I gravitated towards The Imprints song, “Heist.” The song’s genre was something I would genuinely listen to, so I was immediately hooked. The inspiration for the music video is the story of Bonnie and Clyde. I found the couple was really romanticised in media, and no one seems to take in the horrible crimes they committed so I wanted to give a spin to that image by placing problems in the relationship and creating a story that harmonised with the theme of the song. I was lucky enough to have a small team of people I trusted and knew the vision I wanted for the music video, and they supported me throughout the entire process of the project.

How did you find it working with students from other courses?

When working with anyone from another department communication is the key, somes things don’t go to plan and compromise will have to happen which comes naturally when working on a collaborative piece. This music video wasn’t the first time I had worked with other students from other courses. That’s the great thing about JMC Academy is that you can find just about anyone to be a part of your crew from different courses around campus, who are just as dedicated and talented.

How have you found your time at JMC Academy so far?

I found my time in JMC to be more and more challenging with each Trimester that goes by, but in saying that, each feat you conquer, the rewards and accomplishments get better and better which is what makes the stress and the hurdles all the more worth it. Now heading to Trimester 5, I’m more than ready for anything that comes my way. I’ve met so many wonderful, talented and creative people, all with different skills that compliment the way I work, and it’s those kinds of people that you stay in contact with after graduating, when you’re tossed into the “real world” to come together once again to create more magic!

How do you believe JMC is helping prepare you for the industry?

A key lessons that JMC teaches is how to network. Just coming to JMC already you meet so many people and you build contacts that will help when you leave. During my time here at JMC I have worked on numerous projects outside the JMC assessments, helping to build my showreel. And like I mentioned before, you meet people that you know you work well with. All these elements come together and will truly help me understand and break through into the industry.

What are your career goals?

My career goal is to just keep making films, whether it would be music videos, short films, or a feature! It’s something I feel passionate about and will continue to love for the rest of my career life. As the saying goes, when you’re doing something you love you’ll never work a day in your life. Directing and writing is where my heart lies and I want to continue creating stories not only for people to connect with and enjoy, but for something I can be proud of and represents me as a director.

What advice would you give to other current students?

My advice to other students as a director would be to never lose faith in yourself or your project. When you start a project and people come together to help you create something, you know it's because they believe in you and your vision. Work with people you trust and are just as hardworking and will give you their commitment as much as you are. Whenever there is an obstacle there will always be people who will offer support and solutions and it's important to do what you feel is right for the project. I believe you never really stop learning, so always keep your mind open to new ideas.

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