Film & TV Alumni working for Foxtel

We caught up with JMC Film & TV Production graduate Jared to find out what he has been up to since finishing his degree!


Hey Jared! Tell us about your time since graduating from JMC Academy?

Pretty much since I graduated in 2005, I’ve been lucky enough to work at Foxtel for the last 9 years. I started as a scheduler, building the playout logs and scheduling ad breaks for the W Channel, before becoming a Promo Coordinator, and finally moving into a creative role as a Promo Producer (which I’ve been doing for the last 5 years). I’m now a Senior Promo Producer for the Factual Channels Group, which encompasses the A&E, Crime & Investigation, and History channel brands. As a Senior Promo Producer, I plan and execute advertising campaigns for upcoming shows across the three channels. The bulk of my work is editing based, but also includes a lot of writing, directing and strategic planning.

How did you get your first position after graduating from JMC?

Getting the foot in the door was tough, to be perfectly honest. I applied for every job under the sun in the media sector, and after a bunch of near misses, I finally had to settle for a job printing billboards. Luckily, that was short lived and I got the job at Foxtel a mere 3 months later!

What is one of your favourite things about working in the TV industry?

My favourite thing is that no two weeks are the same. The content that we’re promoting is always changing, and I can go from a week that is just straight editing at my AVID, to directing a shoot in the middle of the Stockton Sand Dunes (which we did recently). It’s also cool to know that what you work on is seen by potentially hundreds of thousands of people. I still get a buzz from seeing my work on TV.

What did you learn that you weren’t aware of before working behind the scenes?

The breadth of roles available in the industry!  I didn’t even know what a Promo Producer was before I started at Foxtel, and know I make my living doing it. 

What advice would you give to current students currently studying FTV and wanting to get an opportunity like this?

Persistence is key. If you get knocked back, keep trying until somebody says yes. Try to get any unpaid or intern work that you can whilst your looking for a regular gig. Lastly, don’t be too proud to start at the bottom of the ladder. It’s unlikely that you’ll get that amazing television job that pays extremely well as your first job. Get your foot in the door, ask lots of questions and make yourself useful to have around, and the opportunities will come to you.

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