Film Review: Burnt

Bradley cooper newest film 'Burnt' came out recently and it's had a lot of hype around it, well, of course, it's Bradleyburnt.jpg cooper!

If you intend to see this film, make sure you bring snacks or eat loads before hand because the shots of food will make you so hungry. 

     The film is essentially about chef Bradley cooper coming back to earn three stars, and while it follows that story line the whole way through, there's depth to every other character and other story lines you have to try and keep track on. 

You have the girl Bradley hires and falls in love with (what good movie doesn't have people falling in love), she has a daughter and she's falling for Bradley so watch out for that. 
The concierge is in love with Bradley (and aren't we all) and his father also owns the hotel the restaurant is in. Not just that, but you also then have all of the backstory characters who were involved in his past. It's entertaining to watch but pointless to try and keep track of. 

     The story lines a little dull and has been done before, the movie 'Chef' does the same thing (and it does it to a better soundtrack. The multiple story lines made a two hours’ film feel like it went for over three. If you do plan to watch it, keep an eye out for drunk Bradley cooper, because it's honestly the best part of the film! Otherwise, wait 'til it's on iTunes where it'll be cheaper to rent and you can pause and be inspired and make an amazing meal during.

- Georgia Lyons

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