Film festival at Juilliard School created around the work of a JMC Academy Lecturer

JMC Academy Film & Television lecturer, Michael Bates, has won multiple award for his film The Projectionist. Recently however, the same film became the heart of a project for 5 screen composers within the Juilliard School, New York. 

The_Projectionist2.jpgEd Bilous, Director of The Center for Innovation in the Arts at Juilliard, was compelled to build a festival around the film after seeing it at a cinema event in New York. The event focused on screen composition, where five of his post-graduate students as well as recent alumni were invited to re-score the film. The festival culminated in a week-long event, each night the film being screened with it’s new score. 

Michael travelled to New York, along with his creative producer Anna Messariti, to spend time with the five composers during the final stages of their production process, as well as interview them about their individual approaches. 

The festival, titled Re-scoring The Projectionist, was a fascinating insight into screen composition, the nature of inspiration and the power of a film to resonate with an audience over time.

Michael is a Film & Television Production lecturer at JMC Academy in Sydney. Congratulations to Michael on this outstanding achievement.