Entertainment Business Management Graduate working for Universal Music

We caught up with Entertainment Business Management graduate Georgia to find out about her job at Universal Music!


Tell me about your time since graduating from JMC?

Since graduating from JMC at the end of March, I began working at Universal Music. I’m working in what’s called NTO Physical Sales, which are the sales of physical albums in non-traditional outlets. Working in an aspect of the industry that is relatively new is both challenging and exciting. It isn’t an area that I saw myself in when studying, but I am loving every bit of it!

How did you get this position at Universal Music?

Even before graduation, I spent so much of my time applying for any available job in the industry on various websites and advertisements. I went through numerous applications, phone calls and interviews for a few different positions at various companies before I came across this role advertised online. The process was two interviews - the first being a casual introduction meeting to learn about the position and the second round interview being much more structured, with many questions about my experience and work place ethic. I've since been told that although I didn't have much professional experience, "you can teach someone what to do in a position but you can't teach someone how to have a positive attitude".

What is one of your favourite things about working there?

Definitely the people. I'm very lucky to work in a team that encourages learning and is supportive of my development in the industry. One of my fears was being thrown into a job that I couldn't manage, being surrounded by people who were so much more experienced than me. But the thing with the music industry is that it is always changing and everyone is constantly learning. Oh, and the afternoon artist performances that happen in the office are pretty fantastic too!

 What did you learn that you weren’t aware of before starting work in the industry?

 Before studying at JMC, I was totally unaware of the number of different jobs that are available in the industry. I had my heart set on becoming an artist or tour manager, however through the duration of my degree I realised that there are so many other opportunities out there – marketing, licencing, event management copyright and publishing – the list goes on! You never know which will lead you to where you want to be. 

Since working in the industry, I have learnt so much about the production and sales of physical albums and the process that goes into marketing and developing a release, among one million other aspects of music sales. I believe everything I am being exposed to is amazing knowledge to have under my belt when seeking a music manager position somewhere in the future.

What advice would you give to current students currently studying ENT and wanting to get an opportunity like this?

My advice to any student studying ENT would be to take in as much as possible during the course and make the most of the minds around you - both teachers and students. They are your best asset for both learning and support inside Uni, as well as once you leave. These are going to be the people you’re working with in the future after all. As much as finance and law may seem like a drag at the time, I regret not soaking up as much information as possible. I would love to go back and study entertainment law in more detail now - you really do use it in everyday life in the industry!

Also once leaving, apply for every job possible and go to every interview - that is the best experience you can get. Even if it’s not for a job you are particularly interested in, once your dream job comes around, the interview will be a breeze because you have been exposed to the process before. You may have your heart set on being an artist manager or an event manager but try to broaden your mind to any opportunity that comes your way. The more experience the better, and you never know where an opportunity may lead you!

Best of luck to Georgia in the future!

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