Emma Jenkins starts her career in events

Emma Jenkins recently graduated from JMC Academy, completing her Bachelor of Entertainment Business Management earlier this year. 

Emma_Jenkins.PNGSince graduating, she’s been keeping a packed schedule. On top of interning at Secret Sounds Connect, learning about festival sponsorships and rights properties, she has acted as Stalls Coordinator at Spring Fling Festival in North Melbourne, and she is also working with Inca Roads festival aiding with artist liaison. 

She credits her studies at JMC for her ability to now have the ability and the confidence to give her ideas life. In particular, learning about legislation and health & safety laws necessary for running a safe event. 

Her favourite part about studying at JMC were the small class sizes, and the lecturers who were current in the industry. “Lecturers knew us by name and we were able to really engage in the content, asking questions & receiving in depth feedback.”

Although she admits her career is only just beginning, her advice to others following a similar path is simple, and that’s to get out there and try it all. This both opens up opportunities and helps you find out which roles you enjoy most and are good at. Having a good work ethic is also crucial. “As it is with most industries, this industry is all about hard work, dedication and passion.”

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