Emma Chow - Breakfast radio co-host, 96.1

Co-host and Producer of the award nominated Mike E and Emma radio breakfast show on The Edge 96.ONE, Emma [aka “The tiny girl with the big voice!”] tells us about her time as a student at JMC Academy. 

Emma’s creative persona was evident from a child, from playing dress-ups to putting on singing and dancing shows and even reciting self-written poems – anything that demanded your attention! 

mike_short.jpgGraduating in 2006 from JMC Academy’s Advanced Diploma in Music Business Management (now Entertainment Business Management), Emma cites the combination of education, experience and sheer enthusiasm for speaking at any given opportunity, as the key to her stellar success in the entertainment industry. 

Emma’s passion for Music and outstanding academic results saw her land her first role as Chart Manager at The Music Network where she would interview Program and Music Directors over the phone. Charlie Fox (her current boss) liked what he heard and she was soon offered a fill-in guest spot for a few weeks. Unsurprisingly, given Emma’s equal passion and strength for talking, she nailed the gig! A year later as soon as an opportunity became available, Emma was asked to co-host and produce The Edge breakfast show with Mike E. 

Emma believed that Studying at JMC Academy gave her a beneficial overview of the entertainment industry and a deep understanding of what it’s all about. Her two years at JMC taught her to proactively tackle things head on with passion, to have fun and utilise your creativity. As Emma so poignantly puts it “Go hard or go home!” 

“Most importantly I would advise students not to box themselves into a role and say ‘this is what I am, this is what I’m going to be doing for the rest of my life’. You could potentially miss out on so many opportunities you never even thought existed”, adds Emma.

Emma has been nominated for two Australian Commercial Radio Awards; Best On-Air Team Mike E and Emma 2012, and Best Newcomer On-Air 2009. We’re sure we’ll be hearing many more big things from Emma in the coming years. 

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Check out Emma's interview below!