Education Profile: JMC with Aldo Sampaio

Ever won­dered how you go from Civil Engi­neer­ing stu­dent to pro­duc­ing and record­ing audio in amaz­ing locations for some of the worlds biggest and great­est AAA games?

Aldo.jpgWell, it all starts with a pas­sion, a deci­sion and a good edu­ca­tion. We chat with for­mer JMC stu­dent and head of Audio at Ubisoft Mon­treal, Aldo Sam­paio, about just how he climbed to the top and some of his great­est experiences along the way.

What kick-started your inter­est in audio engi­neer­ing and sound pro­duc­tion?

"When I was young, my best friend and I used to record music just for fun. We would record until the early hours of the morn­ing! I wanted to know how to make the record­ings sound bet­ter, so I started read­ing lots of audio record­ing tech­nique and sound gear books.

"I got really fas­ci­nated in how you can cap­ture the emo­tion of a great per­for­mance.

"While learn­ing about the art of sound pro­duc­tion, I soon real­ised that this was just the tip of the ice­berg and that there is so much you can do in this indus­try from sound design for film to mix­ing live sound in a pub."

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