Designing Interactive Spaces

Studying Digital Design doesn’t only enable you to design websites and apps. It enables you to design interactive spaces in the physical world, bringing the digital sphere into the  public arena. 

‘The often-unexpected presence of digital experiences in the real world allows the designer to have a greater intellectual and emotional impact on the end user.’ - Darren David, CEO and Nathan Moody, Design Director of Stimulant

The beauty of technology allows us to design interactive spaces that can amaze, entrance and engage people offline, to interact with your design. Take a look at some incredible feats of interactive design spaces. 

Interacting at the Museum

This digitally designed interactive space at Chicago’s Museum of science and industry ‘Numbers in Nature’ demonstrates the wonder that can be built enabling a sense of discovery through numerous senses and technologies. 

MSI "Numbers in Nature" from Leviathan on Vimeo.

Creating environments that give us appropriate tactile, visual or otherwise sensory feedback is an exciting new area of design that is fascinating to work in. 

Intel's Conference

This conference booth designed by and for Intel, utilises a 168- foot wide interactive 3D virtual life simulation.

Intel "Connect to Life" Experience, CES 2012 from Stimulant on Vimeo.

Much of Digital Design focuses on the user experience, and that is where the beauty of this interactive design space comes into its element. 

‘Conference attendees could use any of six stations around the perimeter of the booth to create a shape using their hands, phone, keys — pretty much anything — and the silhouette of that object was used to generate a unique bioluminescent life form on the massive projection surface overhead. The animated lifeforms interact with one another in playful ways, dancing with one another or chasing other lifeforms around the ecosystem. All in all, the experience design was physically larger than the people using it, providing a big, outsized result.’

Rain Room

You may have heard of the rain room before. Ransom Internationals Rain Room is a field of falling water that pauses wherever a human body is detected, offering visitors the experience of controlling the rain.

This technology- driven experience is beautifully designed to encourage people to become performers on an unexpected stage. 

Designing interactive spaces can not only be a fun and fascinating process, but a rewarding one too, enabling you to touch, see and experience your work in an offline space. 

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